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Why pick gas over electric when it comes to central heating?

Heating engineers from Market Harborough WW Brown & Sons offers some advice on how to manage your home’s energy efficiently – which can be really confusing. One of the questions we often get asked is the difference between gas and electric central heating, and which is more efficient.
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So what are the differences and which is right for you?

Electricity costs roughly three times as much as gas per kWh, and so by using an efficient boiler, gas will almost always be the cheapest fuel to heat our homes.

If your home doesn’t already have gas supply it is worth knowing that there will be a cost to bring a gas pipe into your home, whilst installing a boiler and radiators will also cost. In comparison, installation of electric storage heaters will be less, and will not have to be serviced as often.

Electric storage heaters will store heat, but there is no way to control when the heat is emitted. Electric heaters will lose heat later in the day. This causes electric to be far more expensive than natural gas, as gas will keep heat at a constant level.

Ultimately, if your house has access to the gas grid, this will be the most efficient source of energy in the long run. To find out more about the installation of central heating systems, call Market Harborough based heating engineers WW Brown & Sons on 01858 465353 today.

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