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Top tips for energy efficient radiators

It’s important, especially in the colder months, that you’re getting the most from your central heating system. Try these tips to keep warm and ensure optimum energy efficiency in your home…
energy efficient radiators

  • Use an online calculator to work out the British thermal units needed to heat your rooms. Different rooms will need to be heated to different levels and at different times, so use this information to inform your heating settings.
  • If your radiator is hot at the bottom but cold higher up, there is air inside it. To get rid of this air and make sure that you’re getting the energy you’re paying for, you need to insert a radiator key or screwdriver into the bleed valve and open it. Remember not to do this when the heating is on, or if your radiator is still hot.
  • If you are replacing or adding more radiators, but not the boiler, hire a heating engineer to check that your boiler has adequate capacity. Choose your new radiators based on BTUs instead of size.
  • Choose where you install your radiators wisely – radiators are traditionally placed underneath windows, but be sure not to block the heat with curtains. If you do not have column heaters, fit radiator foil behind your radiators to push heat back into the room.
  • Update your heating and boiler controls if you are using an old heating system. Adjustable radiator valves will enable you to heat different rooms to different temperatures, whilst up-to-date boiler controls will enable your boiler and radiators to work in unison.

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